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Meet Anthony

Meet Anthony


About Anthony

For most of his adult life, Anthony has worked in the public service sector as a Law Enforcement Officer and as a Public Advocate. It has always been an honor for him to serve communities in New York and around the country by tackling serious and critical issues affecting our most vulnerable populations. To continue this hard work representing the interests and rights of community members, we have started a campaign for Queens Borough President 2020.

Anthony Miranda is a lifelong New Yorker. He grew up in an area that was once considered a tough section — which helped make him a conscientious person. He was born to Mercedes and Sigfredo Miranda as the youngest of their eight children. He excelled in school and participated in many of the community-based programs his mother helped found and organize. Anthony graduated with an Associate’s degree from New York City College of Technology and a B.A. from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. With the desire to serve and improve the community he lived in, he decided to pursue a career in the New York City Police Department.

After 20+ years of law enforcement experience, he retired as a decorated sergeant. During his tenure in the police department, he received multiple commendations and decorations. Despite these accolades, he experienced rejection through many closed doors and was passed over for special assignments and units. Seeing other Latino and Black officers experience similar situations, he met with a core group of fellow Latino police officers with the promise of changing this for the better. In 1996, they established the National Latino Officers Association, which is an organization that is a nationally acknowledged fraternal and advocacy organization that strives to promote tolerance toward, and understanding of, the Latino culture in all public and private agencies, especially in law enforcement communities. The organization creates strong bonds between the Latino community and other law enforcement agencies and ensures equal representation in hiring and promotional practices. To date, Anthony is the chairperson of the organization and continues to fervently fight to level the playing field when it comes to civil rights, advocating publicly and working with those impacted directly.

You can see some of the work Anthony has done in four documentaries: Crime + Punishment, Through the Dust II, CopWatchers, and Rap Sheet Hip Hop Cops.

Anthony lives with his family in Fresh Meadows, Queens. He is happily married to Sylvia Miranda and has three beautiful boys: Antonio – a graduate of Binghamton University who will be joining the NYPD in January 2020, Andres – an educational masters student at SUNY Cortland, who will be teaching in Syracuse starting in 2020, and Alejandro, a seventh grader at The Bell Academy in Bayside, Queens.

For over 30 years Anthony Miranda has advocated for and promoted tolerance toward and understanding of diverse communities in all public and private entities. He aims to create strong bonds between communities of color and agencies to ensure equal representation in treatment, hiring, promotional practices, and general policies. He strives to ensure that people in the community work in an environment that follows all equal employment opportunity rules and regulations, and is free of discrimination, hostility, retaliation, and sexual harassment.


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